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Berikan Puisi Pada Ibu Guru

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Berikan Puisi Pada Ibu Guru
Saturday, 18 February 2017
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Berikan Puisi Pada Ibu Guru - How the game my piano? "His voice was deep and it sounded so clear in my ears. The question surprised me. I opened my mouth to answer, but there is no word that can kulontarkan. There I found one word to describe his game so beautiful.


"Is that how good my game? Until you can not speak? "The voice suddenly sounded light, and I could imagine the smile that broke across his lips owner of the voice. He puisi guru really membacaku. I nodded, my heart beating slowed.


The sound of laughter, warm laugh that filled the room instantly. "Or you surprised a guy like I could play the piano like that?" He joked again. I shook my head. The sound of silence puisi ibu terharu for a while, I heard footsteps and the sound of the piano shut.You're done playing?" I asked awkwardly, disappointment in my voice sounded.It's the time? You want me to stay in school until the evening? I'm going home, "he says flatly. I was silent, awkward. I stood like a statue near the door, feeling light footsteps approached me.


"I play every day anyway. So if you want, you can come back tomorrow. Maybe I could teach you how to play well. "He said, surprised. I can feel it standing in front of me.


It's the first time someone offered to teach puisi cinta sejati me how to play a musical instrument. Such deals do not've ever met before. Who wants to take the responsibility to teach blind seroang play the piano? I gasped.

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