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Lawakan Pakai Puisi Yang Tertawa

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Lawakan Pakai Puisi Yang Tertawa
Friday, 17 February 2017
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Lawakan Pakai Puisi Yang Tertawa - But even though I do not deserve to be in his mind, I always tried to accompany her wherever she walked. The place that I will never forget with.


him is when his loved ones took the decision to pantun nasehat end the relationship in a fancy restaurant edge of the lake. In the garden restaurant he looked at me with tears in her eyes.


Did not realize was crying hurts and my heart-wrenching pain anyway. I wonder what kind of man who could do this to him, I thought. That night I just stood staring at her dimples were wet pantun lucu with tears without saying anything.


Long I tried to cover up this feeling. I got to know myself. But who can understand love? Feelings are still the greatest mysteries of human civilization. There are no rules.


in love. That may make it a mystery. But I have to know yourself. Just because he made me friends to swap stories of love, does not mean I can understand how to love. Just because he chose pantun jenaka to dine with me at pavement cafés after work, did not mean he was willing

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