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O2 Playground - Promo Video


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Uploaded By: Super User. Added on: 17 May 2011.
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Come play at the O2 Playground event!
On May 31st, at Lijm & Cultuur, in Delft

Follow multiple workshops:
PLAYGROUND 1 - Players’ behavior
Don’t behave... be aware! Explore the relation between product design and user
behavior. Engage with the roles, preconceptions, thought processes, product interactions
and behavior patterns that influence our everyday practices as well as our design
decisions. And find your answer to the question “How can designers encourage users to
break from unsustainable behavior?”

PLAYGROUND 2 - The rules of the game
Scrap the instructions… who wrote them anyway? Codes, methods, laws, tools, beliefs,
norms, directions, orders, borders. Okay, so we do need limits, or we’d go crazy. But which
ones are keeping us from being sustainable? Confront the rules of the game and consider
how we can rewrite them.

PLAYGROUND 3 - Playing with new technology
Pick your cards: new and sustainable materials and technology provide windows of
opportunities for our green dreams. What materials and technologies will make up our
sustainable world and how can we apply them differently? Gain ideas and experience for
sustainable design. Touch! .. Explore!